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Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College(kbp), Sector 15-a, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400703.

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: Private
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Year of Establishment
: 1994
Status of Autonomy
: Affiliated College

About BSS Foundation

A non-profit entity, BSS Foundation has been authorized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). BSS Foundation's mission is to empower adolescents with the right education for the right job, preparing them for the workforce from day one.The BSS Foundation shines as a symbol of optimism and progress, devoted to bolstering communities via education. With an unwavering dedication to nurturing knowledge and competencies, it stands as a catalyst for positive change. Rooted in the conviction that education holds the key to unlocking human potential and driving societal advancement, the BSS Foundation embarks on a mission to forge a more promising future. Central to its mission, the BSS Foundation centers on closing the educational divide that often impedes underserved communities from realizing their true capabilities. Through the establishment of educational schemes and initiatives, it strives to ensure that equal learning opportunities are accessible to all, irrespective of their economic circumstances. This strategy not only equips individuals with the necessary tools to thrive but also lays the groundwork for more resilient and robust communities. A flagship endeavor of the foundation is its scholarship program. By extending scholarships to promising students who lack the financial means to pursue higher education, the BSS Foundation emerges as a lifeline for those otherwise hindered by daunting obstacles. Beyond alleviating financial burdens, these scholarships send a potent message: that every person deserves the chance to aspire and excel, regardless of their backgrounds. Furthermore, the commitment of the BSS Foundation extends beyond the classroom setting. Recognizing the significance of comprehensive development, the foundation invests in extracurricular activities, vocational training, and community involvement. By nurturing talents and proficiencies beyond conventional academics, the foundation readies individuals to make meaningful contributions to society and the workforce, propelling economic growth and social harmony. The tangible impact of the BSS Foundation becomes evident through the narratives of numerous individuals whose lives have undergone profound transformations. Once-constrained students are now pursuing careers that shape industries and uplift their families. Communities that were once marginalized have evolved into thriving centers of innovation and progress, driven by empowered individuals who received backing from the foundation.

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Courses Offered

B.A - Bachelor of Arts

Branch: Advertising and Communication Design​
  • Duration
  • : 3 Years
  • Study Mode
  • : Regular
  • Seat Intake
  • : 70
  • Fees Yearly
  • : ₹ 35000

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration

Branch: Finance, Retail & Sales Management, Human Resource Management, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics
  • Duration
  • : 3 Years
  • Study Mode
  • : Regular
  • Seat Intake
  • : 70
  • Fees Yearly
  • : ₹ 135000


  • libraryLIBRARY
  • auditoriumAUDITORIUM
  • computer_labCOMPUTER LAB
  • cafeteriaCAFETERIA

Sports Facility

  • vollyball_courtVOLLYBALL COURT
  • tennis_courtTENNIS COURT
  • table_tennisTABLE TENNIS

Building Essential Skills for Success

They are in collaboration with Multiple Universities and Campuses across Mumbai and bring high-quality education from Top universities and develop robust programs that are experiential, valuable and progressive.

Concept of “Beyond Education” learning

By primarily focusing on hands-on and experiential knowledge, they balance in-class learning and practical experiences. Greater linkage between general education and work oriented education diversify education with a view to provide not only knowledge but also skills and to give orientation to education for appropriate employment.


What role does the scholarship program play?

The BSS Foundation's initiatives are centered around the scholarship program. Deserving students who lack the resources to pursue higher education are given financial aid. The foundation's commitment to ensuring equal access to education is demonstrated by this project, which also reduces financial pressures.

Can anyone participate in the work of the BSS Foundation?

Yes, the BSS Foundation frequently accepts donations, volunteers, and supporters who share its goal of empowering communities through education. One can support the foundation's work by making donations, volunteering, or working together.

How can I help the BSS Foundation in its endeavors?

You can help the BSS Foundation by contributing to its programs, offering your time and experience as a volunteer, raising awareness of its campaigns, or working together on one of its projects.

Does the hostel lodging have a price attached?

The BSS Foundation frequently works to give students who have financial difficulties housing in hostels. For the benefit of students from underserved backgrounds, these accommodations are frequently provided at discounted or subsidized costs.

Does the BSS Foundation help students get employment?

Yes, the BSS Foundation frequently helps students find jobs as part of its dedication to holistic development. This help may take the form of job-search support, career counseling, and introductions to possible employers.