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Nh-05 Chandigarh-ludhiana Highway, Mohali, Punjab - 160055.

Approved by
: Private
Year of Establishment
: 2012
Status of Autonomy
: Deemed University

About Chandigarh University Online

Chandigarh University Online stands as the forefront digital learning platform of Chandigarh University, designed to provide a comprehensive and accessible tertiary education to learners across the globe. This online venture ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds have equal opportunities to attain higher education, with the added benefits of convenience and flexibility. Recognizing the rapid pace of technological advancements, the platform continually evolves to offer learners an avenue to engage with new concepts and emerging technologies, thus preparing them to navigate the dynamic and progressive market landscape of today. CU Online's mission extends beyond conventional education; it aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in global workspaces. The platform's forward-thinking approach not only addresses the complexities of digitalization but also emphasizes holistic preparedness for an interconnected world. The online learning experience provided by CU Online empowers students to adapt to evolving professional demands while fostering global awareness and cross-cultural competencies. At CU Online, the futuristic online learning environment goes beyond traditional educational models, providing learners with the flexibility and convenience to pursue higher education remotely. This approach not only ensures that learning remains valuable but also delivers globally recognized courses that emphasize experiential learning. By engaging with real-world scenarios and applications, students are equipped with practical skills that enhance their professional development and global employability. Chandigarh University's commitment to academic excellence is validated by its rankings in prestigious assessments. The institution's dedication to delivering high-quality education is evident in its consistent placement among the top institutions in various national and international rankings. These accolades reflect the university's prowess across diverse fields, from management studies and pharmacy to architecture and engineering. CU Online serves as an embodiment of Chandigarh University's commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Through its advanced digital learning platform, the university reaches beyond geographical constraints to offer a world-class education to a diverse and global audience. With a focus on adaptability, experiential learning, and global preparedness, CU Online empowers learners to excel in a rapidly evolving professional landscape while contributing to their personal and professional growth.

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Online Courses Offered


Programmes offered

Delve into a comprehensive selection of industry-aligned online Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, encompassing diverse fields such as Journalism & Mass Communication, Business Administration, Computer Applications, Commerce, Business Analytics, Data Science, Mathematics, and Arts. These programs are meticulously designed to align with industry standards and provide students with a platform for academic excellence and career advancement.


The institution envisions making lifelong learning accessible to individuals from all walks of life, while nurturing a culture of excellence within a learning ecosystem that embraces innovation and embraces change through effective knowledge construction strategies. They are dedicated to promoting practical learning, facilitating the ongoing acquisition of new knowledge to ensure educational equity, and playing a role in shaping a global society driven by knowledge.

Industry-Focused Online Degree Programs

These programs have been carefully crafted to accommodate the demands of balancing work commitments and academic pursuits. The specially designed Exclusive Learning Material, rooted in the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Curriculum, not only supports your academic journey but also enhances your standing in the professional realm.


Are the programs recognized?

Yes, the programs offered by CU Online are recognized by relevant authorities and regulatory bodies, ensuring their authenticity and quality.

What is the teaching methodology at CU Online?

CU Online employs modern teaching methods, including pre-recorded lectures, interactive sessions, and hands-on learning, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Is there any global recognition for CU Online?

CU Online provides globally recognized courses, ensuring that students can access education that is respected and valued internationally.

Are there opportunities for networking and collaboration?

Yes, CU Online provides various platforms, such as discussion forums and collaborative projects, to foster interaction among students and instructors.