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Centre For Distance And Online Education, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu - 630003.

Approved by
: Government
Year of Establishment
: 1992
Status of Autonomy
: Deemed University

About Alagappa University Online

Alagappa University Online, an integral part of the esteemed Alagappa University, stands as a testament to the visionary philanthropy and educational endeavors of Dr. RM. Alagappa Chettiar, who established a constellation of institutions during the 1950s. Situated in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, Alagappa University boasts a sprawling 440-acre campus enveloped in lush greenery, serving as the hub for a multitude of academic activities. Formally brought to life by a Special Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu in May 1985, the university's core mission revolves around nurturing research, fostering development, and disseminating knowledge across a diverse spectrum of disciplines. This noble objective underpins Alagappa University's pursuit of academic excellence and its unwavering commitment to equipping students with comprehensive education. Endowed with recognition by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, Alagappa University Online stands as a beacon of educational quality and integrity. The university's commitment to delivering education takes shape through various modes, catering to the diverse needs of its extensive student community, which numbers around 1.12 lakhs. The university is characterized by its dedication to accommodating different learning preferences. The array of education modes includes Regular, Week-end, Online, and Collaborative formats. Through these versatile avenues, Alagappa University ensures that its academic offerings align with the varying lifestyles and commitments of learners, enabling them to embark on a path of higher education without undue constraints. Of particular significance is the emergence of Alagappa University Online, reflecting a dynamic shift in the education landscape. Leveraging modern technology and innovative methodologies, Alagappa University Online brings education to the fingertips of learners, transcending geographical barriers and making quality education accessible to a broader spectrum of aspiring minds. What sets Alagappa University Online apart is its deep-rooted connection to the legacy of its parent institution, Alagappa University. The online extension seamlessly carries forward the ethos of academic rigor, research-driven pursuits, and holistic development that has characterized Alagappa University since its inception. In conclusion, Alagappa University Online encapsulates the essence of visionary educational ideals put forth by Dr. RM. Alagappa Chettiar. With its rich heritage, expansive campus, and diverse modes of education, it not only upholds the values of its founding principles but also adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of learning. As a beacon of knowledge, Alagappa University Online embraces technology to empower learners, providing them with the tools to forge a successful path in their academic journey and beyond.

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Online Courses Offered


Programmes offered

Alagappa University Online offers a diverse range of degree programs, including MBA (General), MA (Journalism), MA (Tamil), MA (English), M.Com at the postgraduate level, and BBA, BA (Tamil), and B.Com at the undergraduate level. These programs span various academic disciplines, providing students with comprehensive education and skill development opportunities.

Student Strength

The University effectively addresses the educational needs of a substantial student community, numbering around 1.12 lakhs, through its diverse modes of education.

Dedicated Faculty

The university boasts a committed faculty renowned for their expertise, actively engaging students in a dynamic virtual learning environment and fostering academic excellence. Their passion and dedication contribute significantly to the university's educational quality.


How are assessments and exams conducted in online programs?

Online assessments and exams may include quizzes, assignments, and proctored exams, all conducted within the virtual platform.

What are the advantages of studying at Alagappa University Online?

Studying online provides flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and balance education with other commitments. It also saves time and money associated with commuting to a physical campus.

What programs are offered by Alagappa University Online?

Alagappa University Online provides various postgraduate and undergraduate programs, including MBA (General), MA (Journalism), MA (Tamil), MA (English), M.Com, BBA, BA (Tamil), and B.Com.

What technical requirements are needed for online learning?

Generally, you need a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity to access the online platform and course materials.

Is financial aid available for online programs?

Alagappa University Online may offer financial aid or scholarships to eligible students. Visit the university's official website or contact their admissions office for more information.