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Jaipur- Ajmer Express Highway, Dehmi Kalan, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303007.

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: Private
Year of Establishment
: 2011
Status of Autonomy
: Deemed University

About Manipal University Online

Manipal University, renowned for its educational prowess, stands as a symbol of academic excellence and inventive spirit. With a heritage spanning decades, it has consistently reimagined education through a dedication to excellence, research-based curriculum, and a global outlook. At Manipal University, online education emerges as a transformative force, overcoming geographical limits and surpassing traditional classrooms. The institution's online programs exemplify its vision of providing accessible and adaptable education to cater to diverse learner needs. Manipal University's digital learning ecosystem is designed to empower learners with convenience and cutting-edge technology. Through this platform, students access a plethora of course materials, participate in dynamic discussions, and collaborate with both peers and accomplished faculty members. This fusion of technology and education cultivates an immersive learning experience that encourages active engagement and critical thought. The online programs are thoughtfully structured to cater to varied learning styles and schedules. Manipal University's unwavering commitment to offering flexible learning avenues ensures that professionals, those pursuing career growth, and individuals with diverse commitments can pursue higher education without disrupting their current routines. Moreover, Manipal University's online programs are not just theoretical; they equip graduates with practical skills that align with industry demands. Partnerships with industry experts and knowledgeable faculty lead to curricula that blend academic depth with practical applications, preparing graduates to excel in their chosen fields. In essence, Manipal University's venture into online education signifies a paradigm shift in learning. It embodies the institution's dedication to democratizing education and empowering learners to shape their academic paths. Through its online offerings, Manipal University delivers a transformative educational journey that melds academic rigor, technological innovation, and industry relevance. With Manipal University, education transcends borders, enabling learners to embrace knowledge, skills, and global opportunities.

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Online Courses Offered


Interactive Platform

The digital learning platform facilitates interactive discussions, collaborative projects, and engagement with peers and faculty members.

Experienced Faculty

The university boasts a dedicated faculty with expertise in their respective fields, providing students with quality education and mentorship.

Career Support

The university offers career services, including internship placements, job opportunities, and guidance for students' professional growth.


Are the online degrees recognized?

Yes, degrees earned through Manipal University's online programs hold the same recognition and academic value as traditional degrees.

Can I access course materials at any time?

Yes, course materials, lectures, and resources are available 24/7, offering the flexibility to study at your own pace.

What technology do I need for online programs?

You'll need a computer or mobile device with internet access to effectively utilize the digital learning platform.