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Periyar University, Periyar, Palkalai Nagar, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636011.

Approved by
: Government
Year of Establishment
: 1997
Status of Autonomy
: Autonomous

About Periyar University Online

Periyar University, a renowned educational institution in India, has ventured into the realm of online education to extend its educational reach and cater to a wider audience. By offering a diverse array of online programs, the university is embracing a flexible learning approach to accommodate individuals seeking higher education alongside their existing commitments. This transition to digital platforms highlights Periyar University's dedication to delivering quality education through innovative means. The online academic offerings of Periyar University span a wide spectrum of disciplines, encompassing arts, science, commerce, and technology. Students have the potential to select from a range of options including undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses, all aligned with their academic interests and career aspirations. This shift to digital platforms enables students to conveniently access course materials, lectures, assignments, and valuable resources, empowering them to manage their schedules and responsibilities effectively. A central element of Periyar University's online initiatives is virtual interaction. Through mechanisms such as discussion forums, chat platforms, and video conferencing, students can actively engage with both peers and instructors. This dynamic interaction promotes collaborative learning, stimulates discussions, and fosters a sense of community among online learners. Additionally, the university's digital resources, comprising e-books, research papers, and academic journals, contribute to an enriched learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries. Incorporating assessment and evaluation is another notable facet of Periyar University's online programs. Online assessments, quizzes, assignments, and projects provide continuous evaluation opportunities, enabling students to monitor their progress and receive timely feedback. This iterative approach to learning aligns with contemporary educational methodologies, encouraging active participation and knowledge retention. Experienced faculty members, well-versed in their respective domains, guide the online learning experience at Periyar University. Their expertise ensures that students receive a high-caliber education, even within the virtual realm. Furthermore, the university's online platform is poised to provide dedicated student support services, catering to queries, concerns, and technical issues to ensure a seamless learning journey. In pursuit of holistic education, Periyar University may organize online webinars, workshops, and seminars. These sessions offer students valuable insights from experts, expose them to diverse perspectives, and enrich their overall comprehension of their chosen fields. It's important to note that the particulars of Periyar University's online offerings may have evolved since my last update in September 2021. For the most accurate and current information, I recommend visiting Periyar University's official website or directly contacting the institution.

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Online Courses Offered


Continuous Assessment

Online assessments, quizzes, assignments, and projects are integral components of the online learning experience. These tools facilitate continuous evaluation, allowing students to track their progress and receive timely feedback.

Enriching Webinars and Workshops

The university may organize online webinars, workshops, and seminars to provide students with additional learning opportunities and insights from experts in various fields.

Holistic Learning Environment

The online offerings align with Periyar University's commitment to holistic education, promoting both academic excellence and personal growth among online learners.


Can I learn at my own pace in the online programs?

Yes, the online programs at Periyar University typically offer a flexible learning approach, allowing you to learn at your own pace and manage your study schedule alongside other commitments.

Are there resources available for online students?

Yes, Periyar University's online platform usually provides access to digital resources such as e-books, research papers, academic journals, and other learning materials to support your studies.

Are there additional learning opportunities beyond coursework?

The university might organize online webinars, workshops, and seminars to provide students with additional insights, exposure to experts, and opportunities for enrichment.